“The symbolic dimension of an ordinary everyday object, such as a pair of shoes, is the focal point of Vestigia, the new show of the Teatro delle Radici (…) In this case the director, Cristina Castrillo, has almost completely forsaken a text written in an understandable language, but has certainly not forsaken her main source of theatrical inspiration, which sees that which is hidden in the meanderings of our collective and individual memory, the essential humus for any discussion about the present.”
Corriere del Ticino / Switzerland

“(…) And the shoes, now scattered, now lined up to construct the perimeter of a gloomy geometry; tied together and transported or in a procession as in the Way of the Cross or like the baggage of a biblical exodus. Shoes thrown like projectiles and lost, to trip over, to fall, to undertake the journey there and back (…) Five sections and an epilogue, introduced by the only sentences which comprise the text, refer to as many chapters of these traces which testify to the fragile and persistent existential adventure. Outstanding the actors, who give voice and body to this story of souls.”
Giornale del Popolo / Switzerland

“To speak of this show and describe its outline seems reductive when in reality one is overwhelmed by emotion right from the first moments (…) There is sacredness and mystery in this work, which is the fruit of a year and a half’s study with five selected actors who have investigated their own interior worlds in the most intimate personal dimension in search of the structure of the memory. Feelings that have taken the place of memories but on the stage are translated into images which come from far away (…) Evocative the choral solutions, the songs created from collected sounds, the choreographic result of voices and the extraordinary performance of the actors, within a framework which is unusual, intense, overpowering.”
Azione / Switzerland