About theatre, about the actor, in truth, about life.
Through the emotions and the images Cristina Castrillo returns to the roots.
Giornale del Popolo/ Switzerland

The interrogative which stays at the base of Umbral is one of those fundamental capable to put in crisis anyone who carry out an artistic activity.
Corriere del Ticino / Switzerland

Cristina Castrillo persuades and fascinates through that way, besides a demonstration of skill on personal and anthological bases, which wants to be the sweet awakening of a drowsy theatrical memor
Azione / Switzerland

Umbral is a performance, an history book, a lyric manual, finally a veil lifted on the way and above all on the theatrical method of Cristina Castrillo.
La Regione / Switzerland

Apparently the exercise seems to be an indiscretion that could only interest the actors, the people of theatre. Nevertheless, little by little, every step acquires a sense to those who are the most extraneous to the theatrical world.
Cristina is saying through actions, imagines that the personal memory, that is to say, the experiences of everyone may be a creative method, they could be theatre and therefore a way to connect with the public.
La Razòn / Bolivia

The same body reflects it : there’s nothing of superfluous in this woman. Her thiness only means that she doesn’t bring with her any unnecessary luggage in her trip for the life ; only muscles that allow her to transmit an immense strength and long bones which always hold her up, and above all that a visage that goes from an inconsolable sadness to the complicity and the redeemer humour of the clown
El Comercio / Perù

“Umbral”, a space without Time that reveals itself as a masterly class.
El Ciudadano/ Argentina

“Travel to the sounds of the soul and bet to a discourse without shrieking, impeccable choreography of a body that involves itself to do homage to the daily sacrifice of the actor.

The performance is a dramatic-poetical exercise which reaches an expressive excellency unusual and reveals Castrillo as a superlative actress and creator.
Clarín / Argentina

“But further on of the truth of the text , or of the notes above she weaves her performance, there is the bruising act of her beauty scenical work.”
El Mundo/ Venezuela

“ Castrillo is an amazing performer, moving with extraordinary subtlety and grace, mercurial. Seemingly ageless, so that the cavernous space becomes intimate and warm”.
The Dominion / New Zealand