“From Switzerland is arrived the performance “Track” of the “Teatro delle Radici” with a marvellous plot and direction both of Cristina Castrillo. On stage two excellent dancers and actors: Andrea Fardella and Camilla Parini. Two people pass through a personal and collective trip up to the memory. This trip towards the past and the seduction of recognise themselves through each other body made them reach intensive and seductive moments full of an extraordinary poetic power. The two actors expressive style creates powerful signals of a theatrical experience of an undoubted aesthetic and expressive quality”.
El Litoral - Argentina

“Direction precise, rigorous, faultless. Careful, talented, at times surprising acting on the part of the two young actors.”
L’Azione– Switzerland

“Born from a project conceived by the actors themselves (…) Track represents a wedge which fits in coherently with the thirty year journey of the Teatro delle Radici, yet the result is not devoid of innovation. Above all it allows us to discover two actors of the company’s younger generation in absolutely leading roles. (…) Cristina Castrillo’s direction is always precise down to the last detail as she weaves around her two actors a script of which it would be difficult to change even a comma.”
Corriere del Ticino – Switzerland

“(…) a theme dear to the company: the opposition of normal / abnormal which then becomes symbolically developed into that of order / disorder, reason (or better, rationality) / feeling (…) They play with metaphors, gestures, types of behaviour, habits (…) the irony of cubes, the leitmotiv of the set design which touches points of open comedy.”
Giornale del Popolo - Switzerland