looking south

"(…) what is the image of 'The South' which sustains such a complex performance. Certainly not a monolithic image, but rather a series of strong impressions from a 'cursed' land, a land where it is almost impossible to be what you are, because you are what you should be, where to make something happen, the circle must be broken or finally closed. A South where love rhymes with knife, and where, under a thick layer of passivity, an atavistic anger is fermenting which, were it to really explode, would upset many of those balances which today we take for granted."
Corriere del Ticino / Switzerland

"The Teatro delle Radici has succeeded in avoiding the trap of the clichés, while transforming the South of Italy into a larger South which includes every 'South' in the world (…)
Each personality, each situation, each picture is endowed with a new freshness and a deep feeling of intimacy. (…) the Teatro delle Radici confirms itself again as one of the brightest and most flourishing realities of Italian-speaking Switzerland."
La Regione / Switzerland

"The South of contrasts, where there is a time for murder and a time for sympathy, for passion and for violence, and for the feast where tragedy is lying round the corner."
Giornale del Popolo / Switzerland

"The players give examples of their great skill, not only individually but also as a well-balanced group. It is a collection of fragments of intimicies, small and large. The theme of the collective and individual memory reemerges in a mosaic of shades coloured by a far off 'mea culpa', almost as if an old ancestral blame were guiding the performance (…)
An effort that deserves the recognition which befits a job well done."
L'Azione / Switzerland