«A van apparently without destination which travels during the night through an unknown street; a route at blindman’s buff among extraneous bodies which try to obstruct the path; a note-book of souvenirs from where it figures faces, situations, stolen instants and unrepeatable moments; a luggage apparently light which contains nevertheless thousand of words that nobody has never pronounced in the same manner. These are only some of the many suggestions that can be drawn from Stranieri».
Corriere del Ticino / Switzerland

A performance which places the audience in front of the choice, which is not only creative, but it concerns either theatrical ethics and life, of the laboratory as a necessary place for the creation, as a condition to which we can not renounce for the production».
La Regione / Switzerland

«Cristina sows words … and the flowers come out.
A route made of sacrifices and renunciations, but flavoured with a great creative strength, a great charism and a solid conviction accompanied of an unusual firmness of aims. Traces of memories, rags of words and signs well organised gathered into the pages of a travel book-note. Just like Chatwin would had done if only he could have visited Castrillo in her «heart of the earth», in that poetical land where the landscape from bare transforms itself in a luxuriant nature contaminated from intimated passion and from signs of a shed humanity..»
L’Azione / Switzerland

And here the great final aesthetical-ethics as only Cristina Castrillo knows how to invent. While the imagines projected become more excited, the actors, each loaded with his/her wreckage, as vagabond-emigrants, go forward toward the public, in order to go out of the stage guided by two figures, one with a crutch, the other with a covered face, a lame, a blind that however carries in one hand like a lantern a cage, in the cage a fragile little paper ship and one candle..”
Giornale del Popolo / Switzerland

“Strangers detaches itself from its own theatrality to become symbol.”
El Ciudadano – Argentina“I learnt a lot abaut structuring work. I was impressed by the way they had worked out such a strong structure for the creation of Stranieri , and i’ve put this into practice in workshops i’ve taught, the idea of a workshop that has as its end goal a public performance is ambitious and difficult to pull off, but interesting because it gives participants the full experience – from the fun, creative and experimental stage of workshopping and devising, to the more difficult and sometines tedious process of refining and rehearsing, and the experience of performing, the part of the process i like least, to be honest.”
Magdalena Aotearoa / New Zealand