if silence knew

“In an atmosphere so delicate that it moves you to tears, as if suddenly we were all back in that place “where we had already been”(…) We had already been there before the silence, and now we have to go back, catching a word pervaded by that pre-human quality (and because of this perhaps even more human)(…) This piece is a limbo, a zone suspended among impalpable dimensions…”

Corriere del Ticino - Svizzera

“ With this meaningful artistic work of extraordinary poetic tension, Cristina gives us an original study of the innocent word, an example of the possibility to express oneself differently through a choreography of absence in search of meaning”.

“Settimanale Azione – Svizzera

“ With the innocent restlessness of a clown, the precise wonder of a magician offering tiny miracles, this time Cristina Castrillo goes in search of the lost word (…) An upbeat piece, of dry narrative leanness, as short as it is intense in essence, which conveys through silent gestures, another world, a world of words”.

Giornale del Popolo – Svizzera

“What happens in this intense hour is the highly detailed and precious exploration of an autobiographical use of expression, mute, but actually deafening with sense that no words can support and contain. A challenge well met, therefore, for Cristina Castrillo who, with no words, on  stage, has given us back a tale of life”.”

La Regione – Svizzera

“The image, in its simplicity, is shocking (…) Then, in the midst of silence, action breaks out: the fingers of a hand that in a subtle movement holds us all in poetic tension which is prolonged in each  repetition, in each image. So powerful is the gesture when it conveys meanings which speak personally to each spectator, as if softly telling a secret”.

Il Telégrafo- Ecuador