if silence knew

Created, performed and directed by Cristina Castrillo

Bruna Gusberti
scenical props
Sandro Carettoni, Massimo Palo, Elvis van der Meyden, Gigi Boccadamo, Pier Suriano
Atelier Celia
Martina Tritten
Silvia Genta

Created as part of an extensive study on  playwriting without words, this performance, precisely because it avoids words, is dedicated to them. 
It  tries to tell ,with and through silence ,the voices that live in it, the lost words, those we have not the courage to utter, those which, if  expressed, would  lose the emotion that accompanies them. 
What  we will never be able to say. 
Overused words, words too tired by time or by the total absence of meaning. 
Constructed like a small poem with no name, this performance passes through naivety and dreams; images written with smoke, as eloquent as a silent scream and as delicate as the flight of a feather. 
After "On the heart of the earth" and "Umbral", Cristina Castrillo is back on stage, alone. As a way of living and conceiving this profession once again.