sul cuore della terra

rassegna stampa

Stage Requirements

Minimal space
12m wide / 12m deep / 3m height

Ideal space
14m wide / 14m deep / 4m height

The dimension of the space accommodates the performance area as well as the lateral sides where the actors sit in chairs in view of the audience.
The performance utilizes double blacks hanging upstage providing a backstage area:  the DS black has an opening which serves as a central exit, and the second is hung to provide masking for the backstage area.  The actors use the backstage as a crossover, so the smallest distance between the first and the second curtains can be 20 cm.

Ideal audience set-up utilizes risers.
One segment of the performance requires that the space be completely in darkness.

35 instruments: (30 PC and 5 Profiler) -1000 watts. Blue gel
24 independent channels

CD player with run lights close to the monitor.(light control)

Elements to be found at the place
16 identical black chairs
Projector for subtitles

1 light and sound technician for put in and strike

Set up time
8 hours put in / 2 hours strike

Performance time
2 hours without intermission


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