“Two years of work with seventeen actors and actresses sieving through William Shakespeare’s lines, a job which deserves a philological publication if only for the persistence required to complete the whole operation successfully. (…) The basic framework for these moving human presences, which gradually take on form during the performance, is built around what are now the usual fields of research which the Radici explore in depth: song, movement (for long periods one has the impression that one is watching pure choreographic sequences with texts) and the fluid and continuous passage from autobiographical cues to choral moments which are never forced. (…) A gamble which has paid off in every way.”
Corriere del Ticino – Switzerland

“In other words, this new production, which has taken a good two years to conceive, is too rich and complete in all theatrical senses of the term, not to be considered as having a new and, above all, an independent identity in itself.
Just so. You have barely plumbed the depths of the Metrò Theatre, and you begin to ascend gradually, thanks to the talents of the 17 actors who embody the various characters (from the prince, the actors and clowns who are summoned to the court to help him to investigate the meaning of life in general and, in particular, of his own, to the lady of death…), the majestic use of the space which is transformed into a phosphorescent set and the magical direction which, from one scene to the next, and without hitches or moments of weakness, makes the shapes and contents of this Shakespearian world interact.”
La Regione – Switzerland

“It is the result of two years’ work, but one has the impression that it’s the work of a lifetime...That which, even in latent form, Cristina Castrillo might have dreamed of doing but would never have been able to achieve, if not at this precise moment of her career. Never so many actors (17) and, it must be said, never such good ones. Never has the spoken word had such a relevant status, in an homage which also seems to retrace and summarize all the themes to which the director has always remained faithful, because they are the basic, universal and eternal themes of art and humanity: love , violence, death, power.”
Giornale del Popolo – Switzerland

“In her latest dramatic weave Cristina could not have done better to bring us closer to the theatrical idioms of the Bard. She has done it as usual with humility and severity, with innocence, imagination and glamour, stimulating her actors and the public in a kind of “story of the story.” (…) The contemporaneity of “Shakespeariana” lies mainly in the value of its direction and script: the essence of research lasting two years which has involved 17 personalities working with a single objective, to bring to life again the Shakespearian standard through characters – icons which weave themselves into a unique, simple and homogeneous narrative plot which employs remarks and verses from his most significant works.”
L’Azione – Switzerland