polvere di rugiada

“The new show continues and broadens the same theme of violence, repeating a structure which offers continuous alternation, already rhythmically well tuned but still to be perfected. The brief monologues allow the strong personalities of the single actresses to emerge, and during the moments of choreography one can appreciate the completeness of Cristina Castrillo’s work in the use of the body and the voice.”
Corriere del Ticino / Switzerland

“A full house was a fitting celebration of the opening night of Polvere di rugiada, a mature work of intense poetic content, dedicated to women and written with and for six actresses (...) Polvere di rugiada is a show rich in suggestions, dialogues, signs and styles which reaches an aesthetic homogeneity by applying the metaphor where the stage area, of apparently of an old coffee concert house, becomes the alcove where the suppressed stories of the feminine world, in search of rebellion, find refuge. A scream of alienation, abuse of power, deception, and assertion, treated with irony, disassociation and participation, vehemence and sweetness.”
Azione / Switzerland

“The six actresses succeed in working together perfectly. The director also manages to underline each of their personalities, physically and emotionally, by bringing them out in the individual scenes.”
Giornale del Popolo / Switzerland