Ideal Space : 8 m of width / 8 m of depht / 4m of height.
Minimal Space 6 m of width / 6 m of depht / 3 m of height
Blackbakstage. Good view for the public (if possible slightly lifted).
Lights: 8 of 650W or 1'000 W .Direction’s table with 8 independent’s channels.
1 spot clark light

CD player (Good quality of the sound)

Elements to be found at place
3 boxes of wood 1,00x30x40 / 70x50x50/
Small red apple (1 each performance)
Soil (1 kg approx.)
Soft rubber to fill 4 linings of normal pillows

Necesary condition
Auditorium absolutely silent. It has to be assured the best care with the scenic material being it extremely fragile

It is possible to performance only once a day

1 light and sound technician while setting up
Set –up time
7 hours for setting up / 3 hours to get up

Performance time
1 hour


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