on the heart of the earth

“Cristina Castrillo transforms herself into a varitable wizard, a shaman… an intermediary between the rational and irrational, between man and the gods, between life and death..”
Il Quotidiano, Switzerland

“In a monologue that never falters, Castrillo presents herself undisguised with her anguish, her “music hall” humour and her plasticity of body and gesture.”
L’Azione, Switzerland

“…an act of artistic surrender and the renunciation of all that pertains to the “prima donna”, capable of producing that fleeting contact with the terrible and the sublime. In brief a work of art.
Pagina 12, Argentina

“With a lucid and sensitive text, Castrillo evokes her exiles, both internal and external, drawing in a public with whom she establishes a relationship that is complicit and emotional yet, by the intelligence of her text, contained.”
Conjunto, Cuba

“…the outstanding work of the festival…The moving profundity of the text and the subtlety and expressiveness of the performance were astonishing.”
Rivista Teatro, Argentina

“Castrillo penetrates, and enriches, the audience’s soul.”
Ambito Financiario, Argentina