sul cuore della terra

rassegna stampa

Ideal space
9-10 m of width / 9-10 m of depth / 4 m of height
Minimal space
7 m of width / 7 m of depth / 3 m of height
Black backstage. Good view for the public ( if possible slightly lifted).
It’s important the view of the stage floor.

17 of 650 or 1000 Watt. 12 independent channels.

CD player . CD player and the control of the lights should be close.

Elements to be found at place
Recicled cutted paper or straw to fill 35 jute sacks. The company bring the sacks.

1 technician of light an sound while setting up

Set up time
7 hours to get up / 2 hours to get out

Performance time
1 hour and 17 minutesi


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