The Belly of the Whale

“Il Ventre della Balena” is gradually filled with indications, traces, humour, smells, sounds and expectations. Each actor skilfully manages to focus his own personality in his own way but with a theatrical language common to all: that uniqueness which has by now become the “stamp of quality” of the Teatro dei Radici. (…) With “Il Ventre della Balena” Cristina Castrillo puts her signature to one of her most intense shows.
Corriere del Ticino

Five men emerge from a mountain of jute sacks, which evoke the trenches of the First World War and of other wars; sacks which then become the containers of corpses. The actors are not telling a story, but each one is a character involved in various situations of war, where the greatest evil is perhaps the loss of memory: a collective performance not without humorous situations and moments of authentic lyricism.
La Regione

Technique, discipline, creativity. These must be the three elements which for decades now have always determined the work of Cristina along her artistic path at the guidance of her “Radici”. Beginning with that by now far off and exemplary “Tracciato a matita” we have watched the growth and the maturity of a rich, abrasive and surely original repertoire, to which is now added “Il Ventre della Balena”. Cristina’s latest creation, with the collaboration of Bruna Gusberti, takes us deeply into a reflection on war and on human miseries, entrusting the interpretation of the performance to the participation of five fine actors.

They express with words and movements, individual and collective (the hands, the stamping feet, the running), anger or control, rebellion or order (the calculated geometry of the cemetery but also of the concentration camp); he who resigns himself, he who wants to flee, he who doesn’t understand and is lost in the crowd, the executor and the anarchist, the fragile youth and the wise old man, the strength of the muscle and the purity of the heart. (…) To see and to meditate upon.
Giornale del Popolo

“The space in the whale’s belly is a sphere for debating not only the solitude of the individual but rather the complexity of human and social relationships in the world we live in, and the most fundamental features of human behavior.”
Vivian Martínez Tabares / Cuba

“A visual show, sustained in the imagery, the physically expressive strength of the body and the combination of music and lights in a space which is constructed, destroyed and reconstructed to emulate the trenches of solitude.”
El foro de Occidente / Venezuela