“The new play by Cristina Castrillo, refined esthete and careful researcher of the purity of theatrical gesture, brave inventor of a perfect and rarefied microcosm, pure, innervated by magic, is a piece of almost moving delicacy …(…) the choreography is wonderful, the movements strong and graceful at the same time, the steps well coordinated. And how good these actors are… (…) In short, this piece is a little gem: a dance on tiptoe, where moments of hilarity are not lacking. What a sour joke, to be able to make people laugh without words. What a sour joke for those who are striving , and talk, talk, talk, unable to say anything .”

Corriere del Ticino - Svizzera

“The word is absent. A precise and particularly emblematic choice if associated to the theme of this creation. Love is a strong feeling at the origin of joy and pain, a place in the  soul where the word is losing its meaning (…)
Their stories live on rhythm and melody dancing expressivity(…) Amori also uses dance: but it speaks a timeless language, using a vocabulary made up of small gestures, irony mixed with  light melancholy.”

“Settimanale Azione – Svizzera

“They meet, love madly , split up, betray and cry, they lose their beloved forever and start again. Sixteen chairs, at the back and at the sides, as metaphor and metaphysics of places for life gestures where coming back , seeking refuge or abandoning once again, staying together or in absorbed or painful solitude. Transgressive, passionate and violent love, love as endearment and fillip for a child or an animal.”

Giornale del Popolo – Svizzera

“ A performance with no words entrusted to the power of gesture and music.
A gesture, elaborated over decades by Cristina Castrillo, that today possesses the originality and the refinement deriving from a long, careful and meticulous work on  the body.
A gesture, ironic or dramatic, questioning or stating, but always happy. And it must be said  that the six actors, Anita  Faconti, Camilla Parini, Licia Amodeo, Daniele Bernardi,  Loris Ciresa e Sturmius  Wittschier, are all really excellent.”

Geronimo – RSI, Rete 2 – Svizzera